How accurate is Apeuni scoring system?(에입유니 얼마나 믿을만한가요?)

APEUNI is a well-known PTE website where you can practice & they have their own software to score students' performance.

(에입유니는 잘 알려진 PTE연습할 수 있는 웹사이트이며 본인들이 자체 제작한 학생들의 점수를 체점하는 소프트웨어가 있습니다)

Q: My score is low in Apeuni, and I am so worried...

A: At the moment, my advice is to NOT rely so heavily on APEUNI scoring system. There were multiple instances where people getting low 50s in APEUNI, actually getting 80 and above & also others who were getting decent scores in APEUNI but failed to reach their target score in the real exam.

"에입유니에서 점수가 안나오는데, 걱정되요 ㅠㅠ"

  • 에입유니 점수 체점 시스템은 아직 많이 부족합니다. 현재로서는, 참고하지 마시는것을 추천드립니다. (사례- 에입유니에서 50점 초반 나오신분이 실제에서 83점 나옴 / 에입유니에서 점수 잘 나오신 분들이 실제에선 목표점수보다 현저히 낮게 나옴)

Despite only getting 70~77 in APEUNI speaking Mock test, the candidate got 90 in the real test :O



(ENG translation)

This person was getting 70~80 in DI APEuni, but got 40 in the real test... getting 80 in DI APEuni does NOT guarantee success.

(ENG translation)

Translation: "I always get 80+ in APEUNI in DI, but never got high score in the real test.

Translation: I got 50~60 in Apeuni but got a full mark in the actual test. It's better not to look at the Apeuni score at all, it discourages Fluency because you have to read one word at a time to get decent scores in Apeuni.

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