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PTE success stories :) 😀

If you got your desired score, please share your story with other friends here to inspire them!

《PTE 성공 이야기들 :) 😀 》

목표점수를 달성 하셨다면 다른분들에게 힘이 되도록 본인의 스토리를 공유해주세요, 부탁드립니다!

"지미샘 안녕하세요 샘 온라인 강의 듣던 수강생중 한명입니다! 제가 2주전에 합격을 했는데 선생님께 감사하다는 말씀 드리고 싶은데 전달할 곳이 없어서요 ㅠㅠ 

60점에서 맴돌아서 슬럼프 오고 그러다가 애기랑 디즈니 보면서 영어 스피킹 했다고 했던 수강생입니다 ! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 

선생님 온라인 강의 덕분에 연음이 무엇인지, 그리고 어떻게 발음 해야하는지 RA는 정말 확실하게 터득을 했어요 

선생님이 피드백해주신 대로 RS도 하루에 100개씩 돌리니깐 잘 안까먹고 바로 말하게 되더라구요 !!!' 

정말 연습만이 길이에요 

그리고 리스닝이 정말 안나와서 속상했는데 선생님 SST 템플렛으로 바꾸니깐 리스닝도 오르고 정말 하 ....

진짜 감사합니다! 리딩도 선생님 강의 듣고 다 돌렸고 앱유니 먼슬리도 다 외웠는데 실력이 쌓인건지 시험이 쉽더라구요 기출은 딱 한문제 나왔습니다 ㅠㅠ 슬프게... 

선생님 정말 감사합니다 이제 시험도 통과했도 발뻗고 편하게 쉬고 "

"Jimmyssem Hello, I'm one of the students who took the online courses! I passed 2weeks ago and I want to say thank you to my teacher, but I have no place to write about it." 

I was a student who had a slump after hovering around 60 points and was speaking English while watching Disney with my baby! lol 

Thanks to your online lectures, in RA, I really figured out what CONNECTING SOUND is and how to pronounce words.

As your feedback, I tried 100 RS questions a day, so I couldn't forget it and performed smoothly. 

Practice is the only way!

And I was upset that the listening really didn't improve, but when I changed to your SST Template, then the listening points went up a lot...

Thank you so much! I listened to your lectures repeatedly, and memorized the APEUNI's monthly, which made the test feel easy, maybe because my skills got better. Sadly, only 1 prediction question came out... 

Thank you so much. Now I passed the exam, I can sleep comfortably."

Target E65

Thanks to Jimmy, I was able to improve my scores in all sections and achieve my target score within a month!! (took 63 in Dec 2023 and 79 in Jan 2024) The PTE analysis was fantastic. Jimmy provided advice based on the mock test results, helping me identify my weaknesses, strengths, and key points for each question, making it much easier to study. I've struggled with reading, the explanations provided in the online course for each question were incredibly helpful! Since my weaknesses weren't clearly stated in the actual score report, it was hard for me to know what I needed to work on, but for anyone struggling to score, I highly recommend trying PTE analysis! You can find where you need to improve. At least for me, it really made a difference!

Also, in my last PTE exam, all 3 WFD came from prediction questions, and for RW FIB, one question came from the online course. Even in my previous PTE exam, all WFD questions came from prediction, so I highly recommend Jimmy's WFD predictions too!

Lastly, the fact that you're able to read my review means you've found a fantastic PTE teacher. So if you're struggling with the PTE, I suggest giving PTE analysis a try!

>>PTE analysis 2.0 is about identifying WHAT you are doing wrong, not a coaching program. This candidate went from 43 to 67 SPEAKING simply by me identifying what she was doing wrong.

A: I really have no clue in RS & RA... did Jimmy's Online Course help a lot? Practicing by myself feels like I'm walking on the same spot, so it's difficult...

B: it really did help a lot.

For me, before & after Online Course was drastically different,,, for RA I realised how I should be reading and in the course, there is a LIVE feedback session, so I was very satisfied.

Each 65 PASS



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